Artist Statement

Ena Bán / in one’s own name Lena Lešková- Bubánová

While in previous work interest in the organization of order, the creation of a system and its qualitative changes fully pushed the story to the margin of my interest, in the project Erotic Massacre I pursue a person in relation to the self. Like Foucault, I examine – by means of the kind of games of truth and untruth a person comes to thinking about his or her own existence, by means of the kinds of games of truth a person recognized in the self the desirous-yearning being? Desiring after love, power, wealth,….violence.

Foucault’s philosophical thinking (Discipline and Punish: The Birth of Prison, The History of Sexuality, Power, Madness and Civilization…) influenced the artist’s spirit in the whole of my essence. I approach  myself as to an individual; I seek values and the sense of my own behaviour, my own obligations, my own pleasures, feelings, sensations and dreams.