Ena Bán: RESTART Finland

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Ena Bán, whose given name is Lena Lešková- Bubánová, after twenty years of intensive focus on the origin and development of systems which she has visually recorded, is now Cheap Jordan Shoes devoting herself to this issue through a different set of optics. She has taken an interest in humanity, society, the relations between people and morality – its boundaries and the social application of models of behaviour. The exhibition Restart presents (without unnecessary intellectualization) what this emotionally empty “official“ world Golden Goose Starter marked by unforseeable changes associated with ever-accelerating technological development needs. Ena Bán creates images spontaneously – collages, reinterpretations of art and adverts: The Spring of Love, Pleasure, The Use of Delight, Do not Leave Children Unattended!, Don’t underestimate your feeling, By-Product, “Extraplate” for Refugees. Ode to Joy…

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