Cosmic Theatre Sedláček

The exhibition project of Košice artist Lena Lešková – Cosmic Theatre – relates to her work which has continually developed since the early 1990s in the media of painting, graphic arts and installations. The central points determining the authorial poetical work of Lena Lešková are at the same time conceptually the creative work as a rationally established dynamic structure, the principles of an impression (the linking of order and accident and concurrently also an impersonal element and a unique gesture), the application of scientific theories describing complex natural and social processes and last but not least an interest in the aesthetic effects of the resulting form.
Associated with these central principles is the relationship of the surface of an artefact, i.e. of a hanging picture or graphic sheet, and spatial figures, carried out, for example, through the form of projected circles on a surface or an impression of a non-traditional, three-dimensional matrix.
The basic subjects of the exposition designed for the Bratislava City Gallery is just this confrontation of spatial, spherical matrices and large-surface graphic sheets, shaking up the relationship of different variants of geometrically divided structures and the possibilities of revealing them. Like other actively working layers, all the stated principles characteristic for the creative activity of Lena Lešková are applied.
The project reckons with the creation of installations where the confrontation of a matrix and graphic arts will simultaneously be a contrast of materials and visually effective use of dimensional rolls operating as independent objects. The significant multilayeredness ensures that the installations do not remain only on the level of demonstration of the relation of the spatial and surface arrangement of a structure, but that the positions of the rational, sensual, lyrical, expressive or even humorous hyperbole are differentiated.
The exhibition project of Lena Lešková organically relates to work carried out in the past fifteen years, primarily to her representation at the exhibition of Contemporary Slovak Graphic Art in the gallery in Bánská Bystrica; it is, however, also a major innovation.

Mgr. Zbyněk Sedláček