Timothy Warrington/ ICAC, London

The Critique

Ena Bán’s striking artwork eloquently conveys fundamental themes and representational ideas that are intrinsic to the multifaceted elements captured in the conception of her expression. The subliminal ideas of love, power, wealth and violence instantly and intimately provoke the viewer, in a manner that challenges and spurs personal experience – perceptual, physical and spiritual.

Bán has developed a dinstinctive style that embodies energy, ecstatic joy and the infinite complexities of emotion. Her boundless creative process challenges and expands the current norms of contemporary artistic practice through a journey of transparent self – discovery and experimentation. In fact, a philosophical and contemplative analysis of figurative art and astraction, the contrast between Ena Bán’s subconscious and primitive passions communicated and channelled through an innate intellect, embodies the artist’s profoundly explorative paintings.

Ena Bán’s intangible atmospheres can be likened in style to Gerhard Richter’s masterpieces. In a similar manner to this German artist, Ena Bán’s artworks have the ability to convey substance and immateriality as joint interventions, in an overwhelming contrast between audacious shades of chromatism and figurative symbolism that not only incorporates the spontaneous quality of Fiona Rae but also a touch of eccentric Surrealism.

A complex and spiritual conversation consisting of an enigmatic portrayal of imagery and gestural motifs is the means in which this artist pursues a contemporary investigation that encapsulates ancient tribal artistry and the limits of the avant- gard.

Stylistically speaking, Ena Bán’s articulate use of forms and lines creates a textural impression saturated by a sense of movement, versatility and life. Her boundless creative process challenges and expands the current norms or standards of contemporary artistic practice and the scientific aesthetic of her earlier dramatic compositions reveals a juxtaposition of order and disorder; solids and voids; ellipses and grooves.grooves

Black and white forms settle sporadically across some large canvases, progressing into vibrant, explosive and colourful paintings. These artworks are rich in texture, with abundant layers of hues and patterns that create depth, acting like a window into the mind’s eye. Thus, depicting a realm of correlations that are ruptured and then re-defined by surrealist and, at times, cubist interpretations.

Ena Bán’s paintings escape conclusive explanation in their open-ended nature as they can appear mysterious and explosive albeit feminine and balanced. Her work does mirror the philosophical nature of Foucault, questioning truth and defininf untruth in relation to a person’s very own existence. Furthermore, the artist challenges onlookers in their scope for ingenuity and connection, both to the artwork and to one’s inner-self.

She states Í seek values and the sense of my own behaviour, my own obligations, my own pleasures, feelings, sensations and dreams‘. By delving into her innermost subconscious, this talented artist demonstrates a mature portrayal of her spirit, a sincere understanding of her emotions and a unique creative ability.

Timothy Warrington

International Confederation of Art Critics